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Jacqueline + Stefan

The three-day wedding in Ibiza was a dream come true. It kicked off with a boat trip to Formentera on day one, featuring an unforgettable beach party. The ceremony and celebration took place at the 7Pines Hotel by the sea, radiating emotion and good vibes. The final day ended with a lively hangover party, complete with great music, delicious cake, and endless fun. It was a perfect blend of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments in the beautiful setting of Ibiza.



Weddingplanner: Weddings by Sophie Hofmann

Photographer: Verfilmt

Location: Hotel 7Pines Ibiza

Flowers & Event-Design: Artnatur Ibiza

Dress: Herzverlesen

Hair & Make-Up: Katharina Stix

Beach Club: Beso Beach Club

Wedding Speaker: Sonja Louven

Singer: Deborah Posadas

DJ: DJ BeniBro

Saxophon: Konstantin Maria

Delivery     Trailer + Full Wedding Film

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